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    Alfa Mega Inc (Airvector®)
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Frank, Founder and President of Tuobdog Inc., worked for almost 8 years as VP Sales & Marketing for Airvector®. He took the company’s marketing and web presence almost from scratch to build everything around the brand name and black logo.

Frank first built a complete and comprehensive website, one of the best looking ones in the industry at the time. But more than just the look, Frank always believed the magic behind a good website was how fast it is to load, how easy it is to navigate and find information, and how optimized it is for SEO. This is what made Airvector®’s website a great success and this is still how Tuobdog Social Web.Marketing approaches web design today.

The whole branding and literature also had to be created from scratch, with very limited budget. Frank did everything himself, learning a lot in the process and over the years. He later on created a few marketing videos of some products and added a newsletter and social medias to Airvector®’s marketing arsenal. A lot of new leads everywhere in Canada, the US and the world suddenly came from the web.

Airvector®’s website started coming up more and more often on the first page of Google’s search results. Frank left the company with its marketing in good shape and still helps as a consultant to this date.

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