BEST Portable Bars

BEST Portable Bars, a new division of Avec Flair Bar Solutions Inc., designs and fabricates high end elegant and spectacular portable bars for hotels, restaurants, bars, event professionals and high-end homes. We’ve seen their products, they really are amazing. That 3d holographic lighting effect is just astonishing!


They mandated for a complete solution, from branding to web presence and e-commerce. Branding and website needed to be a reflect of their products: clean, minimalist, elegant, spectacular. Everything needed to be perfect, they just want to be the BEST in everything!


We came up with the name and found this great URL that was available: Great marketing potential here. We booked a photo studio and hired a photograph to take top quality pictures. We designed a top notch e-commerce website with affiliate marketing program, printed sleek business cards, setup their social medias, created and distributed press releases and much more. At the time of adding this to our portfolio, we are just getting started with SEO, which we believe will be a great success with social media engagement, a perfect branding and a SEO boosted domain name.


Watch out for BEST Portable Bars, we believe this is just the beginning of a great brand and company.


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