Distributions Bruno Valois Inc., an HVAC distributor, merged with another business and asked us to help them update and revamp their brand.

They wanted to be known as DBV, have a new logo, website, business cards and marketing material.

We first revamped their logo while reusing as much of the old logo as possible. We kept the colors but we changed the shape of the rectangle and air curves to bring in extra symmetry and parallelism, while trying to better represent moving air.

Then we built a more dynamic and responsive website. Nothing too fancy as per their requirement, but an efficient website.

They are distributors and therefore sell in bulk to Contractors while helping Engineers in their designs. They want to avoid getting calls from single home owner looking for one product. This is why they didn’t want to get involved into Social Medias. Same with SEO, it had to be targeted towards Contractors, Manufacturers and Engineers.

We also designed new business cards, table top banners and other marketing materials for them.

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