Managed Web Hosting

Do you know how important hosting is for your website’s performance and SEO? Most companies will use popular and cheap shared servers to host their websites. They don’t necessarily realize the lack of speed and poor reliability at first – a small website will load fast enough for them, and most downtime accidents seem to happen at night.

But did you know that milliseconds do affect your website’s ranking by Google? What if Google visits your site at night, during a downtime? Google regularly checks websites for new pages and updates. If your site is down during an unannounced visit, don’t worry, Google will come back later. But it does keep track of your website’s performance… and speed and reliability are two very important factors. Unfortunately, shared hosting means that your website is sharing resources with many other unknown websites. Some might have malicious software or overuse the resources all of a sudden.

Another common issue with large companies providing shared hosting services is their poor customer service. We’ve dealt with a lot of these companies ourselves over the years for our own websites or our customers’. One day your website is online, you go to bed and the next day it isn’t. All you can do is send an email or chat with someone in India. They can’t quite figure out what happened, they of course blame you for it. They finally restore an old backup or figure out a way to fix things, but in the end you’ve lost hours or days of online business and too much of your precious time.

Oh, and by the way, this can happen with emails too! How do you like it when business emails don’t reach you, or come in a day late?

Last but not least, websites need to be constantly updated in the background for security purposes or to follow new web standards.


Our Managed Hosting Plans ensure you better performance, improved reliability, better customer service and constant security updates you don’t even want to hear of.

Your website will still share resources with other websites, but on our dedicated server. This means it only shares resources with other websites that we’ve built and that we manage. No more malicious software, no more websites eating all of your resources. Your website will be lightning fast and reliable. And if something happens, you’re dealing with us.

Please note that we only provide Managed Hosting Plans to customers for websites that we designed. Why? Because we are responsible for security updates, and therefore the way the website has been built is crucial. If you already have a website or if you want to manage your own updates, our plans aren’t for you.



Managed Hosting Plans

Professional Small Business Medium Business
Plans $29
per month
per month
per month
Email Addresses 5 10 25
Minor Websites Modifications 1 per Year 3 per Year 10 per Year
Emails Changes per Year 2 5 Unlimited
Domain Included
Security Updates
Automatic Backups
Server Shared With Trusted Sites Only
Guaranteed Uptime 99.9% 99.9% 99.9%


Available Extras

  • Private IP Address: $4.99 / month
  • Additional website:  $4.99 / month (domain not included)
  • Additional domain:  $1.99 / month
  • Additional email addresses:  $0.99 / month
  • SSL certificates


Pick Your Server Location

The server location (aka where your website is located) does have an impact on your website’s loading performance for users depending on where they are located. We tend to forget that websites are information and that information travels. If you’re located in Montreal, for instance, loading a website from Montreal will be much faster than loading the same website from California. This is why we picked two server locations, one in Montreal, Canada, and one in Dallas, TX.


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