Search Engine Optimization
 (aka getting found in Google) might very well be how you found us – or maybe word of mouth, the best marketing in the world! So either this means we did a good job, or someone you trust told you we did… not a bad start!

More seriously, SEO used to be a very simple process where one only had to gather as many backlinks as possible to build his SEO. Not anymore, it is now a very complex science (if not an art) where what used to be good (backlinks) can now play against you. It all starts with your website, and then you have to take into account your host, content, backlinks, authorship, authority, social medias and more.  After years of working with SEO, we still need to read about it daily just to keep up with Google and stay on top of our profession – and search engine results!

Nowadays SEO should be the foundation of any marketing strategy. It is cheaper and much more efficient than traditional marketing. If most of your new leads and customers aren’t coming from the web, this probably means you are losing a lot of potential business. Plain and simple.

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