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A Guide To SEO Tools For YouTube

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Optimizing your YouTube video content is crucial for search result rankings and allowing your audience to find your video on YouTube. Fortunately, many classic SEO criteria also apply to YouTube.

If you want to optimize your YouTube performance as a video manager, make sure that the videos are aligned with those search trends and have keywords which express relevance.

The next step is building for an engaging user experience so viewers will engage longer than just seconds into their content!

Here is a list of tools to assist you to optimize your YouTube SEO. Some are your standard, everyday SEO tools while others are particularly created for YouTube. However, each one is beneficial to increasing your YouTube profile.

SEO Tools for Keyword Research and Trends

Nothing beats an audience's genuine enthusiasm for the issues you cover when it comes to YouTube SEO. You must stay up with the current internet trends for your channel to gain traffic.

To ensure that your video material is found, include relevant keywords in the title, description, and tags.

The below tools will assist you in identifying YouTube search trends and selecting the ideal keywords.

1. Google trends


You may be used to using Google Trends for monitoring if the interest in your selected topic is increasing or decreasing.

However, you may be unaware that it also displays YouTube-specific trends.

Google Trends is a simple tool that may helps with suggested videos that are trending in your sector.

To accomplish this, simply put your keyword or topic of interest into the search box and select YouTube Search.

To filter down the results, input a category, a geographical location, and a time. You'll then be able to view the most relevant findings of your keyword's popularity dynamics.

So you'll know if it's popular or not. Considering that the information is provided by Google, which controls YouTube, it is as reliable as it gets.

Only channels that upload relevant and fascinating content for their audience achieve success on YouTube. Google Trends can tell you how popular your topic is among viewers.

It helps in monitoring and comparing inquiries relevant to your topic, as well as identifying the most popular searches.

This very YouTube SEO tool can also provide instances of previous TA searches on your subject or topic.

The tool is free to use, and the findings may be shared on other social media platform like Tumblr, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

2. YouTube autocomplete


The first place to check for relevant keywords is YouTube's autocomplete function - begin entering your seed term into the search field and watch how YouTube interprets it just by displaying autocomplete suggestions.

3. Ahrefs


Ahrefs has the largest keyword library of any YouTube SEO tool. It is a complete SEO software that allows you to track a website's rating, estimate traffic from each keyword, and study keywords for which you may want to develop fresh content.

Keywords Explorer is a famous Ahrefs feature that allows you to check multiple facts about a keyword you are interested in.

When you perform a keyword search, you'll discover both local and worldwide search volumes.

It also shows clickstream statistics, clicks, and click percentages, displaying the monthly search volume for a keyword, the number of clicks obtained by videos ranking for just that term, similar keywords, and more. It may also be used to generate topic suggestions.

4. SEMRush

There is no list of the most appropriate keywords for all content given the wide range of content and the vastly differing interests of individuals.

Rather, the ideal YouTube keywords for your content are determined by the topic, genre, target audience, and other factors.

SEMRush provides user-friendly keyword research tools to assist digital marketers to increase organic traffic to their Youtube channels and outperforming competitors.

You can use SEMRush to narrow down and ascertain which high volume keywords are great for your videos and channel. 

This data will assist you in determining the best YouTube keywords to attract a wider audience to your content.

Creators can use this data to create unique and exciting content ideas depending on what their intended audience desires to see.

Finally, this saves time for creators by allowing them to manage keywords, reference up-to-date metrics, and more.


Consider Keywords Everywhere for something lighter and also more convenient.

This browser extension tool enables on-the-go keyword research. It adds useful stats to YouTube and Google's autocomplete functions.



A is a YouTube video SEO tool that can help you uncover topics that are likely to be of interest to your audience based on what they are likely to search for.

Simply input a term or high-level topic, and the Keyword tool will generate suggestions in form of prepositions, questions, and even hashtags. provides you with keywords as well as information connected to your search field. You can use either the premium or free version.

The paid or premium version starts at $69 per month and includes accurate search volume data, trends, cost-per-click data, and competition data.

7. Google Keyword planner

Taking time in researching the ideal keywords for your video is arguably the finest way to invest when planning your YouTube strategy.

With a topic in mind, you could do basic keyword research to uncover the most promising search phrases and queries.

Google provides a plethora of free tools for content creators to employ to locate the perfect keywords to add to their video content.

Google Keyword Planner is an excellent resource that is accessible through your Google Ads dashboard.

To acquire a list of closely similar keywords, go to the Keyword Planner area of your Google Ads profile and input your seed keywords.

Keyword Planner retrieves a large number of relevant keywords that are the most valuable for Google searches depending on your seed phrase or keyword, search parameters, and filters if any are given.

You may then extract those keywords with included metrics and integrate them into your YouTube titles and descriptions.

8. YouTube Analytics


Knowing more about your viewers, the content that catches their attention and keeps them there, and the videos they like to share provide critical insights for sustaining and developing your YouTube content.

When it comes to recognizing your channel's strengths and weaknesses, YouTube Analytics is the best.

This is a free YouTube video SEO tool that is open to all users. It gives an overview of your channel and is available via your channel dashboard.

It can help you determine where your channel is thriving and where it is not.

You may use it to know more about your viewers as well as the content that attracts and keeps them interested, which increases the number of views on your YouTube videos.

You'll also be able to see how many people have seen your videos and also how your audience is increasing.

You may also examine the timeline of engagement/views with your audience.

We know that all YouTube algorithms prioritize watch time, therefore it makes sense to go further into the Watch Time and real-time statistics to evaluate your average view length, average percentage viewed, and audience retention.

YouTube Analytics is essential for assessing your YouTube channels due to its comprehensive analytics. YouTube Analytics is divided into numerous sections:


The data for the essential parameters may be found here.

Real-time data

Detailed information on the latest five video interactions on your YouTube channel in the previous 48 hours.

Income reports

Information about channel income and advertising effectiveness. If you are linked to an affiliate network, this information from your channel's YouTube statistics will be shown.

View time reports

Analytics displays how long a certain video has been viewed.

Engagement reports

There are two key takeaways from YouTube statistics: Subscribers and engagement indicators such as reposts, likes, and comments.

YouTube Analytics sections

SEO Tools for Finding the Most Profitable YouTube Tags

The tags that people add to their videos help categorize YouTube content. However, tags aren't shown on a video's page, making it difficult to find them.

You may either access the source code of the page and check for tags there, or you can use a browser extension that will perform the job for you.

Here are some YouTube SEO tools to help you with your intended tags:

1. VidiQ vision for YouTube


VidIQ is a channel management software that works as just a browser extension, showing vital statistics for any YouTube videos you visit, which means easy competition research and detailed analytics for every video you can discover.

The 'Most Viewed' feature of the VidIQ tool allows you to locate and compare the highest-performing YouTube videos.

You may add particular competitor channels and compare them to your own for more insight.

You can discover which techniques you should consider following to improve your performance.

You may take a step further by setting up email notifications to stay on top of popular topics and major events related to your channel topic.

You can also utilize the Facebook Syndication function to rapidly share all the YouTube videos across social media networks for increased reach. You may use the software for free or purchase a premium version.

2. YouTube tags


Another browser extension alternative is YouTube Tags, which allows you to enter your desired keyword to obtain a list of similar video tags to add to or utilize on your YouTube clip.

It gives you a great summary of any video rating for your topic. This YouTube SEO tool also has other features such as an advanced title, description, and thumbnail generator.

Other Useful Tools for YouTubers

1. Canva


The content quality on YouTube is continually improving, and channel design may not be the initial thought that springs to mind when planning your YouTube SEO strategy.

Thumbnail graphics are essential for advertising your content and attracting users to watch your video in YouTube search results.

However, in a society where technologies like Canva make it so easy to be creative, why skip out?

You may be familiar with Canva as a design template for producing various types of cards, images, logos, and more.

It just so happens that this well-known product features a Thumbnail Creator designed just for YouTube videos. Canva is one of the greatest tools that create eye-catching visuals.

You may start anew or navigate through the sections and choose any of the hundreds of stunning templates Canva has to offer.

With Canva, you can design your own unique and eye-catching graphics to jazz up the look of YouTube videos.

Even more so than before with their gorgeous drag & drop interface that allows for customizing colors in even greater detail!

This tool does not require any particular understanding of graphics or design.

It just helps you to manifest your inner designer through various visuals and allows you to build unique artwork using a simple algorithm. Users can choose between free and premium versions of Canva.

2. TubeBuddy


Improving your video content is as important as optimizing your webpage content, the only difference is that there is no time to spare when it pertains to YouTube SEO.

Your metadata optimization limit is 48 hours after your video comes online; if you miss it, the algorithm considers your material as less time, making it much more difficult to make a comeback.

TubeBuddy is a feature-rich browser extension that connects directly to YouTube and provides a plethora of options for properly managing the production, promotion, and optimization of your YouTube channel.

Once connected to YouTube, the tool provides you with a keyword explorer, a rank tracker for your uploaded videos, tag recommendations, an automated translator that will assist you in ranking for non-English keywords, and so on.

TubeBuddy allows you to produce and schedule YouTube videos, leverage stored answers for simple content control, and generate end-screen themes, among other features.

It may also be used to alter video data such as annotations, descriptions, and thumbnails.

TubeBuddy can do automatic tests that assess all of your video's information and correctness and compare it to YouTube's suggestions.

It then explains where you need improvement and how to correct it. Whenever a viewer mentions you on YouTube, it also highlights chances and provides brand notifications.

Try TubeBuddy if you're looking for the greatest YouTube SEO tools with a plethora of features.

You may use it for free during the trial time and then upgrade to the paid version afterward.

3. RapidTags


This is yet another YouTube optimization tool based mostly on video tags. RapidTags is a software that creates tags for YouTube in a matter of seconds.

Simply put the topic of your YouTube video or your desired keyword into the search box, and RapidTags will produce a list of SEO-based tags for your YouTube videos to help you expand your channel faster.

In a nutshell, it allows users to import the most frequently searched video tags and descriptions. Then use them to optimize their videos. Simple but effective.

However, it has limited functionality, the free version is likewise restricted, and it is a little outdated when compared to other available tools.

YouTube SEO Tips


There are several things you may do to begin generating views and clicks. Begin with the following tips:

  1. Incorporate your keyword in the video title or video file.
  2. Employ YouTube Analytics to learn about the most common search terms people use to locate your channel.
  3. Upload videos regularly.
  4. Make use of YouTube's translation features to reach a global audience.
  5. Tag your video using popular and relevant keywords to your topic.
  6. Explore the trending tab for themes that are appealing to people and meet your value offer within your niche.
  7. When you have a collection of videos, classify them and make a series of playlist to put them in sequence for a better viewing experience and also to help keep viewers interested.
  8. Increase your reach by including hashtags.
  9. To add subtitles and closed captions, use an SRT file.
  10. Create both lengthy and short videos that will keep viewers watching and enhance the likelihood that more of your content will emerge.
  11. Add time code cards to make it easy to navigate the video.
  12. Use end screens to encourage users to watch and subscribe to another video, hence boosting the number of people who watch your YouTube channel.
  13. Post a custom thumbnail image for the resulting URL of your video.
  14. Leave a pinned comment on your video. This, however, is optional.
  15. Make no content that violates YouTube's regulations. Use appropriate thumbnails, title videos correctly, and avoid spam tags.
  16. Boost your video on Quora by answering questions about your keyword to acquire more views.

Final thoughts - A Guide To SEO Tools For YouTube

With YouTube serving as a marketing platform for millions around the world, a global pastime, and a lucrative line of jobs, video optimization has now become a skill that every marketer should learn.

To make the best of the situation, brand marketers must consider SEO before creating video content and continue to do so even after the videos have been broadcasted.

Otherwise, they'll be putting in videos that might never reach their full potential on YouTube.

The YouTube SEO tools mentioned above are useful in achieving YouTube video optimization.

They not only enhance SEO but also increase video quality. Using these tools will help increase viewers on your channel while making money from YouTube.

So, if you're working hard to establish your YouTube reputation, go for one of the YouTube SEO tools.

Download the tools that appear to be the greatest match for your process, and utilize them as a roadmap to maximize the platform's ever-growing potential and see how it optimizes your growth and development plan.

YouTube SEO is neither fast nor simple. When mastered, however, it is possible to attain a high ranking on YouTube, which is incredibly satisfying.

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