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15 Proven Strategies On How To Increase Followers On Social Media

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We live in a world where everyone is linked through social media. We live in a global village where people in the south communicate and share their ideas with the west on social media.

For this reason, businesses, brands, or even individuals seek high social media fan followings.

Do you want to thrive in this social media followers' race too? Do you want to increase social media followers organically? If you nod positively, this article will cover most of your queries. 

Follow these tips and grow your social media followers: 

1. Automate Your Account

You'll be surprised that social media usage has climbed from 4.2 billion to 4.62 billion last year. Breakthroughs accompany the arrival of a new age.

The use of software to conduct and manage activities on your social accounts is known as automation.

With various automation tools for social media marketing, you can organize your content, schedule your social media content, manage your social media profiles, and even evaluate your readership. If you work with a large number of plates, automation is essential.

You can use up-to-mark software like ContentStudio, SocialPilot, etc., as an automation tool and get more followers. 

2. Get Benefits of Profile Optimization 


Many people mix the terms "automation" and "optimization" while managing their social media accounts.

Both the terms have different meanings. As we have described automation earlier, we will move toward optimization now.

Optimization is making your profile actively engaging enough and providing all the necessary information about your brand.

This practice helps get organic followers to your social media accounts.

How can you optimize your profile? Let's take the example of LinkedIn. Choose a unique user name or a brand name, as it is said that your name defines your identity.

Upload a catchy profile picture or your professional brand logo. After that, mention your brand goals and all the relevant information precisely. Add your website, and mention your account on other platforms. 

3. Produce What the Audience Wants

Once your profile settings are updated, start focusing on your content. You need to keep in mind that different social media platforms derive various types of audiences.

If you post your content considering the category of people that reads or watch it, you will get a boost in gaining followers.

Analyze and comprehend the top platforms for your company to devote time.

  • LinkedIn

Utilized mainly by professionals, the audience is more focused on growing their networks and consuming professional content. You can use these 17 unique LinkedIn post ideas to grow your professional network.

  • Facebook

Entertainment and news-based platform and ideal for generating website referral traffic.

  • Instagram

Predominantly works for the audience who wants visual content like photos, videos, reels, etc. You will love our guides on how to get more views on Instagram. Check them out!

4. The Key Is Quality Content 


You must be aware of the variety of new and trending online applications. Tiktok, Podcast networks, Clubhouse, Snapchat, and many others are highly popular these days.

Where the number of users massively increases, the total figure of brands and influencers is also exceedingly high—however, no need to lose hope.

Producing quality content per audience expectations and needs will attract social media followers to your profile.

Post content that answers your target audience's questions and makes you a trusted brand.

The irrelevant and low-quality content will cost you to lose your already built audience instead of securing more followers.

5. Create Engagement through Contests and Giveaways

Engaging with the people who use social media frequently will help you gain followers.

Holding up interesting contests and offering giveaways are the approved strategies to grow social media followers.

Use pools on Instagram to decide how many people want such activities.

Read the list below for contest ideas:

  • The person with the most comments will win.
  • The person with the best caption will win.
  • A person with the correct answer will win. 
  • A person who shares the most will win.

The following hack is a giveaway. People are fond of gifts. Announce discounts and giveaways. They will rush towards your giveaways in flocks, bringing more traffic.

6. Apply the Game of Blue Tick


The potential followers on social media are more than ever before. Utilize this opportunity for faster and more effective growth.

The blue tick with your profile name can do wonders. This elusive blue tick is not confined to famous brands and celebrities.

You can have one for your profile. Each online network has different standards, but this checkmark eventually increases confidence in your company. Boom! You are ready to grow your audience and attract organic followers to your page. 

7. Use the Power of Shorts on YouTube 

Your YouTube subscribers not only describe your content's worth but also provide more significant opportunities to earn handsome money.

Your subscribers can bring brand collaborations and valuable sponsors. You must have seen the latest update on YouTube.

Yes, you guessed it right. Shorts! These 60-second videos are a good source of potential exposure and, ultimately, more YouTube subscribers.

YouTube settings promote your shorts to non-subscribers and random audiences and display subscriber boxes.

In addition, people tend to gain the most information in a minimum time. Therefore, they watch more shorts than full-length videos.

All you need is to make your content relevant and worthy enough to get many YouTube subscribers.

Discover how to optimize your YouTube videos with our Guide To YouTube SEO Tools!

8. Run Facebook Ads


A large audience and organic followers are an asset in this digital age. It will bestow you with bundles of growth opportunities if you have a vast list of followers. So, how do you gain such a large audience? 

Use social media with wise strategies and approved tools. According to the Meta, the monthly usage of Facebook is more than two billion people.

The popular way to gain followers on this platform is through Facebook ads.

These advertisements target the correct population, presenting your company with possible customers. You can run ad campaigns in videos, sliders, or picture format.

Facebook ads allow you to narrow your targeted audience's spectrum with ample options.

Moreover, this fantastic strategy is appreciably cost-effective in getting more followers.

9. Share More Reels On Instagram

Similar to shorts on YouTube, Instagram also has something fresh and excited.

By the time they were launched, Instagram reels had gained massive popularity among different groups, for example, bloggers, fashion, business, music, etc.

Hence, these are effective ways to get real Instagram followers.

Stats over the years reveal that reels enhance engagement by 22% compared to the old video format. Moreover, 50% of people explore pages to watch new reels.

Instagram's recommendation engine promotes funny, engaging, and entertaining content on the reels.

Therefore, this is your chance to produce quality content in particular niches as reels and attract followers.

10. Use Effective Hashtags


Using a particular hashtag on different online platforms is a compelling strategy to grow social media followers.

They are more useful on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter than other apps to extend the audience.

You can access your targeted audience more efficiently using relevant hashtags than any other method.

Hashtags on TikTok are the perfect way to get more exposure and high engagement.

Your real Instagram follower rate can skyrocket simply by using appropriate and relevant hashtags.

Unlike other web applications, Instagram's limit to using the hashtag is amazingly more.

You can add up to 30 hashtags to your posts that derive more engagement and bring real Instagram followers to your page.

11. Collaborate With Influencers

Social media influencers are one of the best ways to increase your business and promote it online.

As these celebrities have huge fan followings, small and new companies collaborate with them to get more followers. 

You send PR packages and ask for a review. You can create a trusted, meaningful relationship with them by the following means:

  • Follow them on all platforms.
  • Be their regular admirer by commenting on and sharing their content.
  • Tag them in your posts to get connected.

Once a good relationship is established, you can ask for a shout-out and grow the audience.

12. Follow the Recent Trends


If you use social media smartly, no one can stop you from attracting followers. Be active on your accounts and engage with your audience. Research the new trends and hot topics and content about them.

Be the first to alert your social media audience about recent internet trends and activities.

Making videos on viral trends and posting them on YouTube, Instagram, and other platforms will provide you with bundles of YouTube subscribers and followers on other platforms. Give folks a cause to follow you and then see the magic. 

13. Share Content on All Platforms 

Do you have a new account on social media? Do you want to grow as a brand? Some people prefer to stick to only one platform with a small audience.

However, if you're going to share content on all online apps and grow your social media followers simultaneously, follow these ideas to save your time:

  • Convert essential and complicated information into infographics.
  • You can convert a blog post or a lengthy article into a podcast.
  • Merge your informative content into an E-book
  • Similarly, you can transform a tutorial or webinar into an article for an unattended audience.

Ensure that your Open Graph Meta Tags are optimized to take advantage of all media channels. You can find everything you need to know about Open Graph Meta Tags right here! 

14. Explore the Content of Your Competitors


Your rivals can be a great source of information about your potential customers.

Whether doing a physical business or on social media, you can't develop effective business plans and cannot make intelligent business moves if you don't know your rivals.

You need to keep an eye on your competitors. You are required to understand their tactics to reach the target audience.

If you want to surpass them in the competition, produce unique content and introduce something out of the box.

This approach, and many others described in this article, will yield fruitful results and attract more organic followers.

15. Interact in Social Media Communities 

The strategy to gain followers is to join social media communities. It is essential to stay consistent and improve continuously in the race for followers.

However, joining the social network groups will boost your efforts to grow your audience.

The primary purpose of these online communities, like Twitter Chats, Facebook Groups, LinkedIn Groups, etc., is to gather a like-minded audience.

This content was created by If you see this on another site, it has been stolen.

You can participate in these groups by interacting with your target audience to attract social media followers to your profiles. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Increase My Social Media Followers In 2022? 

The most important thing is to create content that makes you stand out from your competitors. In addition, provide your audience with your field-relevant content.

Focus on changing and improving the image of your personal or identity brand in your audience's minds.

Moreover, consistent and monitored updates, improved networks, and increased engagement can aid you in attracting social media followers in 2022.

How Do You Get 1000 Followers On Social Media?

It's the toughest to crack the nut. Your journey on social media will be the hardest for the first 1000 followers.

Apply the learnings of your previous experience and use tricks taught by mentors.

However, utilize the hit and trial method if the specific field is new. Take courses on google, study your audience, and use follow-ups.

The study shows that 50% of sales came after 4-5 follow-ups. Use free Facebook groups to promote yourself.

Try to build a consistent audience on one platform first, then move towards the next. 

To get 10,000 Instagram followers, watch this viral video from John Lincoln. He'll show you how to get noticed and build a following quickly.

How Can I Increase My Social Media Followers Fast?

Grow social media followers rapidly by using paid ads. They will bring a targeted audience and help your page grow.

Furthermore, apply the magic of SEO optimization and traffic-driving keywords. Follow relevant accounts, not only for a follow-back but for a larger motive.

All these tricks assist you in getting more followers in a much shorter time.

How Do I Increase My Social Media Followers Organically?

The alpha and omega of growing a loyal audience are to provide the exact solutions to their problems.

You will have a consistent audience and gain followers when you fulfill their needs. Moreover, you should share and promote your content to relevant social media users.

Furthermore, engage with your audience by liking their comments, giving answers, organizing giveaways, etc.

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