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Beat IG Algorithms – How to Get More Views on Instagram?

get more views on Instagram

What could be more fascinating than seeing a photo-sharing application, Instagram, develop into one of the World's top platforms for building a strong brand image?

With over 1.394 billion active monthly users in 2022, it is the home of millions of influencers, bloggers, small-business owners, and brands with an uncountable following and a plethora of engagements, reach, and views.

Well! People frequently use Instagram to connect to the world, and Insta provides them broad global exposure.

There are countless success stories of people achieving popularity and even generating income or getting hired by just running an IG account.

That’s why brands, businesses, tech startups, etc., are continuously trying to stand out from the competition by establishing their brand image on Instagram.

It will bring not only potential clients but also billions of leads, engagements, views, reaches, and whatnot.

So let's look at some quick strategies for boosting the number of views on your Instagram posts, stories, videos, reels, etc.

How Can Views On Instagram Help Your Brand To Develop?

Views on your Instagram brand profile are equivalent to generating more revenue, leads, and referrals for the growth of your business.

The opportunity for brands to engage with a devoted fan following is the real beauty of this social media platform.

More views will be better for your business growth because they will increase conversions, engagement, and effective visual interactions with potential customers, among other things.

However, a popularly viewed video also has a broader audience, meaning it can appear in the feeds of users who are not in your network.

That will eventually boost the chance of gaining new followers and promising business opportunities.

how to get more views on instagram?

How Many Instagram Views Should You Get?

This question can't be answered accurately because views depend on the nature of your content/profile.

For instance, an influencer's viewing ratio differs from a business IG profile; the same is true for the other profiles.

But getting maximum views, likes, etc., should be the key focus as your popularity solely depends on it.

On top of that, the number of active followers also affects the viewing ratio.

No matter how many followers you have, if you don't know how to interact with them effectively, all your efforts to build a brand theme will be worthless for getting the most views.

Should You Go For Buying Instagram Views?

Although there is no explicit rule prohibiting buying views or followers on Instagram, it’s highly recommended not to go for buying views just for a highly engaging profile.

The views you will buy are not organic but robotic and fake profiles. Hence, how can the wrongly overstated numbers help your brand grow?

It is typically done solely to flaunt more “followers” to appear renowned, trustworthy, credible, etc. Honestly, it's just not worthwhile.

How To Increase Your Profile Views On Instagram?

No matter what you do – whether you're an influencer, a blogger, or a business owner – having a strong Instagram presence is essential if you want to stand out from the flood of competitors.

Since a viewer has a limited attention span on screen, maintaining an attractive Instagram profile is the best option for gaining more followers and receiving more views.

But how can you create a captivating profile to draw in more viewers? Here's the guide:

Choose a Recognizable Username


Building a great brand image on Instagram begins with a strong and distinctive username.

Your company's username ought to be searchable and able to explain what your business does.

It shouldn't contain too many numbers, unusual characters, difficult-to-read words, or anything else that would make it difficult for people to recognize.

Try alternative name variations if your chosen business name is not yet taken.

For example, if your company name is @RalphClothing, but someone else has already used it, you might use @MasterClothingLA to indicate that your clothing store is based in Los Angeles.

Consequently, you can see that this username does not include any irrelevant characters and immediately conveys the brand's message.

Due to its simplicity, it is indeed able to attract more views, leads, and followers.

Shot a Perfect Profile Picture

A decent and appealing profile image is the second element that immediately draws users' attention.

Always ensure you are posting high quality photos for your target audience. It will help in boosting your profile.

The picture should have a good balance of color branding, texture, contrast, saturation, etc., to make it more visually appealing to the audience.

Your company logo also attracts more customers because it fosters brand loyalty and is identifiable. Major businesses like Adidas, Nike, Pepsi, etc., also employ this approach.

Select a Nice Instagram Name

Additionally, having a catchy Instagram name is important because it helps grow your business.

Here, you have a little more room to work with your keywords and enhance your Instagram profile (30 characters, to be exact).

Your Instagram username doesn't need to match your account's name. However, it does a creative job of delivering a business message.

Put a Powerful Bio


A compelling yet effective bio is also crucial since it leaves a lasting impact on your viewers by adding relevant details to your visuals. Make it unforgettable if you want it to be.

Only 150 characters are available for you to explain to your audience who you are, what you do, what your company does, how you can add value to their lives, and why they should follow you.

You must adhere to all the information in a very creative and concise manner. Without a special message, a lengthy bio will be worthless.

Look at this company's bio. They are succinct, straightforward, and effective when describing what they do and how they may assist you.

Do adopt the same strategy for more Instagram profile views.

Add a Trackable Link

You can also choose to include a link in your Instagram profile. Several alternative links could be included instead of just the URL of your website.

For example, link your Instagram to a blog post, an upcoming event, or perhaps a landing page that is only accessible through Instagram.

If it's not your homepage, you should regularly update it with something fresh.

Trackable links are the most effective techniques to publicize your new content.

This strategy is used by many YouTubers, TikTokers, content providers, and others to promote their videos.

If you're going to do this, make sure the links you use have some kind of tracking functionality.

Putting up Google Analytics on each page lets you know how many people are visiting your site and who is acting on it. You can check the success of the links you're accessing from this page.

These Free Social Media Management Tools will be useful to manage your channels, check it out!

Put Keywords to Your Headline

It is as important as the profile photos, username, and bio. When someone searches for your brand but doesn't know its name, the keyword in your headline can help them find you.

You might use keywords that describe what your business does. For example, if you're a fitness fanatic, you may include keywords like "Fitness and Healthcare."

Remember that these elements add elegance to your profile and help with SEO techniques.

Using targeted keywords in your Instagram headline will allow you to acquire more views.

How Can You Get More Views On Your Instagram Story?


Instagram stories feed can help you enhance your visual content tactics by allowing you to get to know and understand your audience faster and better.

Undoubtedly, Instagram offers the best advantages within stories to better understand your audience than checking their comments, likes, and engagements on your posts.

Let’s see how you can get more views on your IG stories!

Use Hashtags and Location Stickers

Stickers are the most effective approach to reaching a large audience by optimally putting them.

Relevant and proper hashtags will increase the number of views on your stories.

Though Instagram only allows you to use 10 hashtags in a Story, this is more than enough to capture the attention of potential customers.

Instagram users may now follow hashtags; you can utilize this feature to reach out to active and interested individuals.

Location stickers are another fast approach to making your story more visible.

It allows others in the tagged place to see your stories, leading to increased views from a greater crowd.

It is also possible for Instagram users to see what other users are saying about a location that they are searching for on the platform.

Highlight Your Best Stories

As we all know, stories have a 24-hour lifespan in your profile, but it is unlikely that every follower would watch them during that time frame.

But wouldn't it be fantastic if you could keep your stories available in your profile indefinitely?

Certainly, it will be! And you can surely do this by utilizing the highlight feature.

The highlights of your stories can be found on your main profile page, just below your bio.

It is possible to have an unlimited number of highlights on your account, so you do not have to justify ‘saving your favorites.’

Selected stories will remain accessible under a particular area of your profile unless you dismiss them.

Therefore, your followers can watch them any time, and the number of views on these stories will keep increasing.

Publish Various Content

The three finest alternatives provided by Instagram to appear on your story for 24 hours are picture postings, videos, and boomerangs.

You may choose one of them, mingle them together if you'd like, or switch up the material types you wish to share via stories.

But always keep in mind to offer a variety of content; trying only to post one would almost certainly bore your viewers.

However, using Instagram Insights is an effective technique to determine the kind of content you ought to post.

The number of taps, clicks, impressions, reach, forward/backward taps, and many more metrics are all available.

The finest content for your stories can therefore be selected with the help of Instagram Insights.

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Post When Followers Are Active


You must take great care to upload at specific times if you truly want to boost your brand's social presence on Instagram.

Stories have a greater chance of being viewed when they are posted at times when most of your followers are online.

According to Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri, two stories a day are recommended for growing an audience on the application.

The fact that only a few of your people are online will hurt your engagement from the get-go. It is unlikely that your content will rise to the top of users' news feeds.

Hence, it's recommended not to post when followers are offline, or you can't manage to post at the right time. It will only affect your Instagram business account insights.

Upload Stories Consistently

Make sure to post regularly to stay in people's minds and give your followers more chances to view your Instagram stories.

You might be surprised to learn that frequently uploading Instagram stories is essential for garnering views.

On the main page, a follower may only browse four stories at once. Therefore, to remain visible, you must continually post stories.

Posting consistently and enthusiastically will give your content the best opportunity to be seen by almost all of your followers. It will improve your Instagram insights.

How to Get More Views on Your Posts and Videos?

Being a brand, you certainly work diligently to increase the number of views on your Instagram posts and videos.

Though the pressure has been put on ever since, the number of views is now openly seen beneath each video.

Therefore, what should you do to grow your audience? Is there a unique strategy? "Absolutely not," we say! Here's how to get more people to watch your video posts.


Create Quality Content

The reason behind the popularity of the greatest photo-sharing app, Instagram, is the quality and engaging content.

Imagine you have no brand theme, absolutely ridiculous content, low-resolution images, etc.; who else would like to view your posts or videos then? Indeed, no one!

Hence, it's recommended to properly plan your content with quality information and appealing color themes to post on Instagram.

However, to acquire views on Instagram, remember that your current followers and any new ones will want your content to add value to their lives.

For more ideas to post on Instagram, check our guide on Creative Instagram Post Ideas here!

Use Hashtags

Using hashtags helps your intended audience find all your content quickly. Because of this, it is generally advised to include 6-7 hashtags in each post.

Instagram's search icon is all you need to do to see posts with the most popular hashtags, so finding the top hashtags is comparatively simple.

Just one hashtag is enough to get almost 12% more engagement.

To avoid looking spammy and being reported by Instagram, mix up your hashtags and vary them for each post.

You'll need to put in some effort and change tactics, but once you figure out the proper hashtag combinations for your posts, you'll be well on building a following and boosting your reach.

Perhaps you're wondering what the difference is between a hashtag and a tag. In our in-depth comparison, we will answer that question and provide you with tips on how to make the most of them!

Focus On Your Audience


Ever seen an older person playing with toys meant for kids? Sounds insane? It should be since you have almost certainly never witnessed such a situation.

However, what if you see such things? Don't you think the older man is a weird individual?

Of course, you would! Because you cannot expect a senior to behave amateurishly. The same goes for your business profile.

If you keep posting ridiculous content without noticing who your audience is, nobody will view your profile, posts, videos, etc.

Therefore, focus on your audience and bring content relevant to your followers' demographics; otherwise, all your efforts for a solid brand image will be in vain.

Optimize Your Description

Imagine being fully prepared for an office presentation, but at the time to present, you forget to bring your file where everything is written to showcase.

How would you feel? Embarrassed, puzzled, sad, or anything else.

The same scenario applies when you post quality content in your business profile but overlook the description section.

It is one of the powerful ways to draw more users to your feed. Hence, always focus on quality description because most people love to read everything in depth.

How To See Who Views My Instagram Profile?

Generally, the answer is NO since Instagram doesn't allow users to see who visits their profile.

But here's a trick: upload a story or two, then examine who views it first after a short while.

The individuals who watch your story very first are the ones who visit your Instagram profile the most.

However, some applications created by third parties are intended to inform you of the most frequent stalkers of your profile.

  • Influxy
  • Stalker: Who viewed Instagram
  • InMyStalker
  • Followmeter

Final Thoughts

Without question, Instagram is a golden package for all kinds of businesses.

It can increase audience engagement, increase sales, raise brand exposure, and is an excellent method to reach customers where they already socialize.

Since Instagram has billions of users, your company can't afford to be absent from it at this time.

Making a company profile and using all the tips in the article is thus strongly advised.

Additionally, read the complete article to learn how to increase the number of views on your posts, stories, videos, etc., to create a strong brand identity.