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Giveaway Ideas For Instagram

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Giveaway campaigns are a simple and easy way to boost engagement, attract new followers, and get more sales and leads. A successful Instagram giveaway can be used as an effective marketing tool to increase your brand awareness.

They are a great way to raise awareness about your business by reaching out directly with giveaways to increase brand recognition among potential customers or follower count on social media platforms like Instagram.

Instagram is a great platform for sponsored posts and giveaways, but it’s also very competitive. You have to be creative and think outside the box when it comes to finding new ways people can connect with your brand on Instagram.

So, incase you have thinking of what could be a perfect Instagram giveaway, here are some Instagram giveaway ideas you can use to get more Instagram followers:

Creative Instagram Giveaway Ideas

1. Giveaway a prize that has high value to your target audience

Giveaway A Prize

Instagram giveaways are a great way to capture the attention of your audience, but you must choose a giveaway prize that has high value to them.

The best Instagram giveaway ideas are ones that are relevant to your event and can be shipped directly to the winner.

For example, if you're hosting an outdoor concert in the summertime, giveaway tickets for a concert at Coachella might be more appropriate than some random gift card or T-shirt. The same goes for a giveaway prize: if it's useful enough for people who win them, they'll want it.

2. Ask people to tag their friends or use hashtags to participate in Instagram contests

This is a great way to make sure you're reaching the right people. Tag your friends and family in the comments section of your Instagram giveaway post, or use hashtags that are relevant to your brand (e.g., #InstagramGiveaway).

You could also ask people who follow you on Instagram to tag their followers in the comments section so that they can be included as well. This makes participation fun and easy for everyone involved.

It's also a good social media marketing strategy because it allows them (the participants) to spread the word about where they found out about this contest among their networks of friends or followers.

You get more eyes on your content when more people share it with others through these methods than just posting an image alone would do by itself.

3. Create a giveaway post that requires followers to like the post to enter the giveaway

Giveaway Post

The best thing about Instagram giveaways is that they're easy to set up, and the more you give away the more people will want to enter your giveaway contest.

One of the first things you should do when planning an Instagram giveaway is to make sure that it's public by making your Instagram account public so everyone can see it. Once that's done, let's talk about how many followers are required to enter:

If you're giving away something physical like food or clothing then 200-1000 followers might be enough, but if there's some kind of prize involved then 1000+ would probably be better (this could depend on what type of prize).

The main thing here is not making it too hard for people who don't have many followers yet. You don't want them feeling left out because they weren't able to get their friends excited enough about entering this Instagram contest.

4. Like and Comment contest

This is a great Instagram contest that gets people to interact with your brand. It’s also a great way to build up your social media following. This can be done by asking them to like or comment to win.

You could also use an image with a call-to-action (CTA) button, or even ask them directly in their comments section. The winner will receive some sort of prize based on how many likes/comments they receive during the contest period.

5. Run a photo caption contest

Another good and successful Instagram contest idea is asking your followers to write a funny caption to your photos. This contest gives your followers a chance to prove themselves and allows you to grow your audience.

Caption contests are a great way to get your audience involved, and they can also be used as an easy way to promote your Instagram account.

There are many different caption generators available online, so you can choose one that fits with your brand and then create captions for all of the photos on your account. Ask users to submit their captions by following them or sharing one of their posts with a comment to win.

You might want to know The Difference Between A Tag And A Hashtag to write a compell caption, check our article right here!

6. Photo Contests

Photo Contests

Photo contests is also one of the Instagram contests and also another Instagram giveaway idea are a great way to get your followers involved. Promote a photo contest.

If this fits your brand's concept, If you have a product or service that’s related to photography, this is the perfect time to ask your customers for some photo submissions and give them an incentive in return.

A photo contest requires users to upload a photo and tag it with your branded hashtag. This can be used as lead generation tool because it makes people aware of what kind of content they could provide if they become clients of yours.

7. Selfie Contest

Instagram selfie contest is a great way to get people interested in your brand, and they're easy to set up.

Selfie contests are a great way to keep your Instagram followers engaged and interested in your Instagram business. They're also a great way to get people excited about what they can win.

Here are some ideas for selfie contests:

The best selfie contest - Giveaway a prize to the person who takes the most creative, funny or just plain awesome selfie of themselves that gets the most likes on Instagram accounts

The funniest selfie contest - Giveaway a prize to the person who takes the funniest selfie with their friends or family members (make sure you check their profile first).

8. Tag A Friend Contest

Tag A Friend Contest

Tag a friend contests are a fun way to create a buzz around your brand and drive more followers. The premise is simple: you tag three friends in the comments section of one of your posts, then wait for them to do the same with their own posts.

If they post under their own accounts (and not as "tags"), you win. To get started, pick a time frame that works for you—you can either choose days or weeks—and set up everything on Instagram by creating an account for yourself as well as specific hashtags for each Instagram post type.

Then start tagging people in comments until it feels natural. Make sure everyone knows what's going on so they don't accidentally copycat each other's work instead of helping spread awareness about whatever it is that brought all these people together in the first place.

9. Run a branded hashtag contest

You can run Instagram giveaways through hashtags. Hashtags are a great way to engage your audience and increase brand awareness.

They can be used on any social media platform, so it’s easy to track their popularity and make sure you don’t miss out on any new hashtags that might be trending.

Hashtags give you the ability to include multiple topics within one post, which makes it easy for people who are interested in only one thing (such as fitness) or multiple things.

For example #fitness #running #healthyliving will let people know about all kinds of fitness-related posts on Instagram.

It also gives other Instagram users an idea of what sort of content they might find interesting when browsing through your feed--making them more likely to follow along with future posts from this brand/user account.

10. Offer a discount code

Offer Discount Code

Instagram giveaway offers can be used to discount your products and services, but they also make for a great way to give back to your Instagram followers.

For example, you could offer a discount code for the new iPhone XS or XS Max depending on which one you think will sell better at that time.

You could also make it so that all followers who follow the hashtag “#bestphoneever” get 2 free cases. If people love their new iPhones and want to show off how much they love them, then why not?

Here are some tips on how to utilize giveaway codes effectively:

Giving away vouchers (or links) to make purchases from your company's website or store is the most basic type of Instagram giveaway.

Depending on the type of product(s) being given away and when they go live, these can take a variety of shapes: daily discounts like 50% off coffee beans until 8 p.m. EST until supplies last; weekly promotions like 5% off orders over $25 with code "BESTSALE;" seasonal sales like 50% off everything for the duration of the July 4th weekend only; etc.

Giving away products that aren't necessarily related to your business but yet have value is another method to use giveaway codes.

For instance, based on which new iPhone XS or XS Max you believe would sell better at the moment, you may provide a discount code for that model.

You could also arrange for everyone who uses the hashtag "#bestphoneever" to receive two free cases! Why not, if individuals want to flaunt how much they adore their brand-new iPhones?

11. Host a giveaway on Instagram Stories

Instagram Story contests are a great way to promote your brand and get more followers. They’re also a great way to generate engagement on your account, which in turn will help you reach new audiences.

Instagram Story contests are simple: You post an idea for how viewers can participate in the Instagram contest, then post the link where they can enter.

This can be as simple as posting “Enter me!” and then linking back to where they need to go (like this one). The winner gets featured on your profile and even wins cool prizes like gift cards or free products from brands like Starbucks.

12. Host an Instagram Stories trivia game

Instagram Stories Trivia Game

Trivia contests are a fun and easy way to engage your Instagram followers. This is a great way to increase engagement on your story and make it more fun for viewers.

You can do this by giving away a prize for the winner, or even just having multiple rounds of questions that you ask people in the comments section of their post (or both).

You can ask a question about your company, product or service. You can also ask questions about your customers or others in the audience. If you want to get really specific, you could even have one with a specific time period—say, “Who was the first person to walk on the moon?”

You can also use trivia contests as an opportunity for people who aren't following you yet but might be interested in doing so (or for newbies who don't know much about what's going on at all). The best part is that these types of challenges are very open-ended; there's almost no limit on how long they should run.

13. User Generated content (UGC) Contest

A user generated content contest is a great way to get your brand noticed by people who are passionate about what you do. It’s also useful for brands that want to promote user generated content, as well as build a community of users.

For example, if you want to promote the fact that your company sells products or services that fit with certain interests, then it’s easy enough for anyone who likes those things and might be interested in them already - or anyone who might be interested in them - just submit their own photos.

That way, when other people see these photos on Instagram posts from you, they'll know exactly where you got your ideas from, which means more sales.

14. Announce the winner live in a story post

Winner Live In Story Post

You can announce the winner live in a story post and invite new users to engage for future Instagram giveaways by tagging you and using a specific hashtag or another unique identifier.

Once you've announced the winner, make sure to include them in your post. If they're not already there, add them as a friend and give them access to all of your posts. Then share it with everyone else who might want to join in on this fun event.

Use the same hashtag as in your contest so that people can find out more about it easily. Finally, use a unique identifier like @username (or #hashtagname).

Your Instagram giveaways should be creative, genuine, and fun

Instagram giveaways should be fun and engaging. They should also be creative, genuine, and something your audience will enjoy.

Don't bother giving away free stuff that is already available on the market or offered by competitors, as this will not generate any additional interest in you or your brand.

Instead, try coming up with unique giveaways that have never been done before by other brands in the same niche or industry as yours (if possible).

If you can't think of anything yourself, find an influencer who does things differently than everyone else and ask him/her to share their favorite ideas with you.

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Conclusion - Giveaway Ideas For Instagram

A good Instagram giveaway ideas can help you achieve all your marketing objectives. Provided, you have new, engaging Instagram giveaway ideas We hope these ideas have given you some inspiration for your next Instagram giveaway.

Remember to be creative and use your audience’s engagement as a way to grow your business. The best way to use Instagram giveaways is to create a simple template and copy it across your social media posts.

That way, you can focus on creating content that has high engagement instead of worrying about how many entries are required or what type of Instagram giveaway would be best.

Remember, the goal should always be getting people involved and engaged with the brand so they stay engaged long after your prize winners have been announced.