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Best Instagram Analytics Tools

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Nowadays, social media strategy is the prime way to reach your potential audience and let them learn more about your brand.

And Instagram is one of those social media platforms to pull off strategies. However, you must access Instagram analytics to build a successful marketing strategy

In that case, Instagram analytics tools help you understand which posts your followers engage with, what's good for follower growth, and your audience demographics better.

But which analytic tool is best to track your Instagram insights? There are various paid and free Instagram analytics tools.

With so many options on the market, it can take time to figure out where to begin. 

That's why we're here! We've compiled a list of the five best analytics tools to manage your Instagram accounts.

Why Should You Use an Instagram Analytics Tool?

Use Instagram Analytics Tool

Instagram is a popular social media platform, with nearly 2 billion users in 2022. Hence, it becomes easier for any business to reach its potential customer.

But growing your Instagram account is a bit tricky. You must know about Instagram metrics and how to reach your targeted audiences. And that’s where an Instagram analytics tool comes in handy.

An Instagram analytics tool shares various valuation metrics, such as: 

In addition, the analytics tool will also provide you with metrics access according to demographics. It'll help analyze your follower's gender, age, and location.

Knowing this data and information will help you crack the engagement of your Instagram accounts.

Again, you need to brainstorm a little to pick the ideal analytics tool for your Instagram business profile. 

First, know your preference.

Do you want to increase your Instagram followers? Or do you desire more sales through the posts? Your final decision will help you to understand which analytics tool will be ideal.

The 5 Best Instagram Analytics Tools for a Better Growth

Not all of the available Instagram analytics tools are suitable for your Instagram accounts.

You should look for a tool that gives you a follower demographic, detailed insights, and engagement and sales metrics.

Here are five ideal analytics apps and tools to improve your Instagram presence:

1. Squarelovin

Squarelovin Instagram analytics tool

Squarelovin is one of the best free tools that allow you to get access to in-depth Instagram insights. It gives you a monthly database that includes your recent posts and growth analysis.

Moreover, Squarelovin can also categorize your content history according to hours, days, months, or years. It gives insight into your followers' preferences, such as what time and day they are most active.

The free tool also helps you find the trending hashtags and the best filters based on your posts to interact with your audiences the most.

In short, the purpose of Squarelovin is to help you focus on engagement and offer many ideas on how you should interact with your active users.

This way, you can learn more about your followers' preferences and understand how to make the best efforts on your Instagram account that will make your business shine.

Another good part about Squarelovin is it allows agencies, brands, social media influencers, and even personal account holders to get Instagram metrics. However, it may not offer advanced metrics like some premium Instagram analytics tools.

2. Brandwatch


The purpose of Brandwatch is to fill you with all the necessary analytics data for your Instagram account and take your business to the market's competitive edge.

This tool is compatible with all your social media accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. It gives you an insight into Instagram post analytics, including hundreds of options. You can measure post-performance metrics, reach, reactions, organic traffic, paid traffic, and impressions.

You can also look into the followers' analytics and compare your previous data with the new data. It means if you've been running your account for many years, you can compare the old performance data with present data and get an idea about your growth.

Besides, it allows you to create individual and customized dashboards to get access to insight and report on what helps you to achieve your campaign goals. The report includes effective hashtags, detailed follower statistics, what type of posts your audience interacts with most, and so on.

Unfortunately, Brandwatch is an expensive analytics tool for new or small businesses. The "essentials" plan for social small businesses gives access to detailed Instagram insights and follower demographic for $108/month. The full product suite offers different access features, depending on your requirements.

You can trust Brandwatch for your Instagram business growth as they're recognized as one of the industry leaders.

3. HypeAuditor

HypeAuditor Instagram analytics tool

It's tricky to find social media influencers with a huge number of genuine fan-following. Fake followers are a significant obstacle when screening influences for promoting your business. 

The purpose of this analytics tool is fraud detection. HypeAuditor contains 28 metrics and scores, which help users to understand whether their influencers are worth the effort. 

The Instagram analytics free tool (with selected premium features) has an ample database powered by AI intelligence.

It has indexed around 3M Instagram profiles. It can track analytics for other social media platforms, including TikTok, Twitter, and YouTube.

However, HypeAuditor is generally best for businesses and agencies to examine multiple influencers' accounts.

It does not have a free plan, but the pay-as-you-go pricing is pocket-friendly when you are just starting out. 

Thankfully, the premium version comes with an array of features, including:

  1. Instagram analytics reports.
  2. Market and competitive analysis.
  3. Audience overlap report.
  4. Brand media plan for influencer campaigns.
  5. Influencer discovery and campaign management tools.

After a thorough check, it'll rate the value of your influencers from 1 to 100. If the Audience Quality Score exceeds 70, it's worth working with them.

However, you can also get data on authentic engagement metrics, followers' reachability, and other Instagram account analytics.

4. Iconosquare


This is one of the most affordable premium Instagram analytics tools to access the most important Instagram metrics.

It offers a free audit of your business account activity from the past seven days to a month. 

This way, you can get a quick idea about what needs to be changed or followed further in your business account. 

You can get the following facilities by using Iconosquare:

  • Instagram stories analytics
  • Schedule new Instagram posts
  • Monitor comments
  • Instagram hashtag analytics
  • Competitor tracking 
  • Analysis of your follower and following
  • Growth history
  • Data on engagement and impression
  • Instagram posts reach

In addition, this tool allows you to take snapshots of your Instagram reports. Using this Instagram analytics app, you can also create cover photos from the recent 50 uploaded images. 

The excellent part is whether you have small, medium, or large, you can afford the premium version that starts at 59€/month. 

Before purchasing, go for the 2-week free trial, where you can use a few free tools and then decide whether it's an ideal one for your account.

5. Instagram Insights

If you want to avoid using any social media analytics tools, this free Instagram analytics is the best option.

You can access a wide range of Instagram insights barring any growth history, analysis report, or other advanced Instagram metrics.

To use this feature, you must have a mobile Instagram app and a professional account. Open your Instagram app, go to your Instagram profile, and tap on the professional dashboard.

From insights, you can check your account insights for the last 30 days. You can access Instagram reels analytics, story analysis, engagement metrics, and follower demographics. 

Furthermore, you can use Ad tools to boost your Instagram content and manage the ads. In addition, it allows you to access brand collaboration metrics.

This free professional dashboard guides you on how to start customer service conversations. You can discover how other professionals are growing their accounts. 

Plus, accessing your Instagram post analytics is easier with Instagram Insights, which allows monitoring the number of likes, comments, shares, and saves.

It also includes impressions, profile visits, reach, and how many followers you have gained from that post in the last seven days.

In short, the free Instagram Insights offers all the necessary statistics, just like other paid Instagram analytics apps.


Investing in an Instagram analytics tool is essential if you're a savvy marketer or entrepreneur looking to grow your Instagram reach.

With the right resources, you can access powerful insights about your account, giving you the data you need to create an unbeatable Instagram strategy. 

From understanding your audience to identifying content that resonates with your followers, Instagram analytics tools are invaluable for anyone looking to maximize their reach and engagement on Instagram.

So, don't wait any longer; take the plunge and get the most out of your Instagram account.