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Instagram Post Ideas for Influencers

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Instagram post ideas can be challenging to come up with, whether you're just starting on Instagram or have been using it for years.

Gaining a following, however, is simple if you know how to get started and what kind of Instagram content ideas will most interest your target audience on Instagram.

How can you tell if a personal Instagram post idea is good? What characteristics do the most popular Instagram photographs share?

Keep reading to learn more about what to post on Instagram.

14 Instagram Post Ideas For Influencers

If you want to be taken seriously as an Instagram influencer, you need to work on expanding your audience and establishing your own identity.

A higher rate of participation is directly proportional to the number of followers.

And the more people you get involved with, the more money you may make by advertising companies, goods, and services.

Profits from affiliate marketing and cross-promotion with well-known brands can be substantial.

For Instagram celebrities, this is the primary source of income. If done correctly, it may become a full-time career path toward being an influencer.

If you can attract 50,000 followers, each promotional post will earn you about $200.

When you reach the level of a mega-influencer with hundreds of thousands of followers, the amount you earn per post might be staggering.


Because of the high levels of interaction they often produce, influencers are big fans of this original concept for Instagram posts. It's also a way for people to discover your account and follow you.

How do you manage to do that? Before you start writing, consider the questions and concerns of your target demographic.

Your fans are probably curious about yours. Questions like your morning fitness routine or preferred post-workout routine could be interesting for a fitness influencer to answer.

Use your imagination, give fitness tips, and don't forget to respond.

To increase interaction with your followers, create Instagram content ideas and ask your followers questions.

A good query can spark ideas to make content interesting for a future product.

2. Show some love with user-generated Content posts


One more strategy to increase interaction and demonstrate appreciation for your audience is to feature user-generated content.

Apple uses the hashtag #ShotOnAnIphone to share images taken on an iPhone contributed by consumers.

This is an easy approach to generating material for your social media feed and getting your followers interested in supporting your brand.

This is also a simple article to make and may be done on days when you don't have the energy or motivation to make a video or other general content.

If you treat your followers well, they will repay you by spreading the word about your page to their friends, families, coworkers, and even random individuals they met at the bar. But not many influencers do it. Sure, why not?

3. Create video content for maximum creativity


Instagram influencers should prioritize video production for several reasons. To begin, it's a fantastic method for increasing participation.

Why? Videos are increasingly sought after by small business owners, tag friends, youtube channel users, and social media channels.

YouTube's prominence as the second-most-used search engine can be attributed to its helpful features.

Second, companies are more interested in using video to advertise their wares.

In particular, well-known brands have already invested in video content, conducted customer research, and understood its value.

You'll need a lot of videos in your Instagram feed if you want to attract advertisers and get paid to promote their products.

You should know that you can start making Instagram videos without a drone, a fancy camera, a microphone, etc.

Using a smartphone is preferable because it gives off a more genuine impression to your viewers and potential followers.

Videos made on a budget can frequently appear more authentic (and be more effective) than high-quality videos, as Lauren Ufford of Shopify pointed out.

Inspiring videos for your brand's Instagram page can be shot on a smartphone and edited with Instagram's built-in editor, a PC, or several helpful mobile apps.

In a nutshell, invest time and energy into making innovative videos for your audience and influencers.

4. Share your valued advice with Instagram users worldwide


People from all walks of life and all corners of the globe seek your opinion as an influencer on everything from where to vacation to which businesses to try to which apps to download.

Sharing your knowledge with your followers in a non-commercial capacity is one method of generating exciting things to post on Instagram.

One example is sharing your morning ritual and how it might affect the rest of your day, as well as marketing advice.

Make sure it's something you can defend, though; your fans will inevitably have questions.

5. Interview someone your audience finds interesting


Interviewing a business owner can be a fascinating approach to learning about a topic and provide you with new ideas to write about.

Instagram with interviews is quite imaginative. Many influential people adore them.

Because it will be a video, these great Instagram post ideas have several advantages over still images. You can mark the box indicating that this contains a video.

Having more people see you is good for both of you, which reduces camera shyness.

Making followers engaged, especially lifestyle bloggers, is an Instagram marketing strategy.

An interview is a great way to provide them with creative Instagram post ideas they'll love. Small snippets of other people's lives are viral.

Who do you talk to? Just ask them. This can be a pre-post to increase interaction with the main and top posts.

If you're going to interview someone, how do you go about doing it? The first step is to identify and schedule an interview with a person who would be of interest to your target demographic.

The following step is to send the interviewee a list of questions they can expect to be asked. Next, conduct the interview, fine-tune as necessary, and publish.

Doing an Instagram interview is as simple as asking a few questions, so do it if you want to increase interaction and build your following.

6. Add a call to action

Use a service like or LinkedIn. Bio to your advantage since Instagram only allows you to connect to one external website in your bio.

You can add links to your main site, social network profiles, the latest blog post, or wherever else you like on these platforms.

7. Behind-the-scenes


"Behind the scenes" good Instagram post ideas are a fantastic way to present your brand's more approachable and friendly side.

People are always curious about the production process and appreciate any opportunity to peek at their favorite brands behind the scenes.

An organic-sounding update is preferred. Your chances of connecting with your audience and gaining their support increase.

After all, you want to show your followers that you're human and that your business is approachable.

No matter what you decide to share, it should feel as though your followers have stumbled upon a sneak peek behind the scenes at your workplace or amongst your coworkers.

8. Teach people how to do something

You can't think of a better way to showcase your product than by imparting knowledge simultaneously.

Businesses can use their Instagram accounts to share short videos to inform their target audience better how to use the products they're advertising.

This could be a detailed explanation of how to do something, such as learn a new skill, change how you wear an item of clothing, or furnish a new room.

Start a series of Instagram post ideas that teaches your audience how to improve upon a specific skill, and they'll be eager to return to your account to see what you've been up to. Put out a weekly video with a couple of pointers.

Do not give away all the answers; instead, leave them with the suggestion that they should read the continuation in next week's post.

Keep instructional videos straightforward, with an emphasis on providing immediate value to the viewer.

Indeed, that is what flip, a real estate firm, does. Customers can watch videos demonstrating how simple it is to update their living space with just four simple changes.

9. Instructional Live posts


Real-time interaction is the most effective way to connect with your audience.

Thirty percent of internet users said they spend the most time watching live stream videos, surpassing the time they spend watching instructional videos, product reviews, and sports highlight reels combined.

Show your audience how something is made, introduce them to a new product, or address their concerns by posting about it on Instagram.

Check out this live video tutorial posted by Vet's Kitchen. In response to a question she gets pretty often, "How to clean your dog's ears," Charlotte makes a video in which she explains the proper techniques for doing so without causing any harm to your pet.

10. Instagram Reels

In search of a way to inject some life into your Instagram feed? You should use your imagination to create some Reels that will make people stop in their Instagram feed and take a second look.

Reels are a fantastic medium to demonstrate the functionality of your products. Reels, as part of a brand's Instagram content strategy, led to a 280% increase in engagement. 

The most enjoyable Reels get to the point quickly and entertainingly. Changing the look of your home's furnishings is an easy way to breathe new life into your living quarters.

For instance, the home goods and furniture store Vivense shows three products in different frames.

11. Cross-post from other social media sites


When trying to reach the widest possible audience on social media, it is best to cross-post to multiple platforms rather than relying on just one.

It's possible that you started your Facebook Page before your Instagram account and, as a result, have more followers on your Facebook Page.

If you discover that one of your channels has a disproportionately large number of followers or engagement, you can benefit greatly from doing this. If you want to reach both groups, cross-posting is the way to do it.

If you share content across platforms, consider the dimensions of the various platforms. No one wants to see a pixelated or awkwardly cropped version of your content on social media accounts.

12. Repost influencer content

Influencers, as a part of marketing strategies, are becoming increasingly common. In 2019, more than half of marketers said they would collaborate with Instagram influencers.

Take advantage of the popularity of the influencers, bloggers, and user-generated content creators who are promoting your products by reposting their work on your brand's account.

Having an influencer post about your product is excellent social proof that it is in demand.

They help your audience believe in you, which draws more of your ideal customers to your best Instagram post ideas.

If an influential person in your niche wears your clothes, their followers are more likely to buy them (or at least follow you) because they see that person as a positive reflection of your brand.

13. Be funny


You can humanize your brand and make it more approachable by using humor. In addition, humor is a powerful tool for capturing audience interest. 

If your followers find humor in your Instagram post ideas, they are more likely to forward them to their social networks; that's one of the fun facts.

You could repurpose memes or share amusing anecdotes with your followers, but this will depend on who they are and what they like.

14. Give a throwback

Think back to the last time you went to a local event. What did you do for a holiday a year ago? Another possibility is a party in honor of someone's birthday. These are good Instagram ideas.

Find a picture from your archive and post it to your followers as a throwback. The picture is usually already on someone else's feed, computer, or mobile device. Just recycle it and show it to your followers. 

What should you not post on Instagram as an Influencer?

1. Don't use an awkward username on Instagram

Instagram's internal search feature isn't as strong as those on competing platforms.

It will be difficult for people to find and follow you if your username (and even your "real" name) is obscure.

If you want to be taken seriously, don't use a random number generator to come up with a username; use your real name or company name, and make it simple to remember.

2. Don't set your profile to private

Do not make your Instagram account private unless you use it exclusively for personal reasons and have no interest in networking.

Instead, make your profile visible to the public so that you can attract new followers who are interested in your content.

Without the need for moderation, you'll attract more of an audience and build your following much more quickly.

3. Don't be a lurker

Engaging with other users and sharing content is central to the Instagram experience. Don't hide out unless you're an absolute "noob" to the service.

Instead, try to post regularly and interact with others' Instagram post ideas as often as possible. If you interact with others on Instagram, you'll make more friends.

4. Don't post without a caption

A great caption is a great tip for an Instagram post idea. Explain the picture, offer a quote, or pose a question.

Find a way to make your posts relevant to whatever you're talking about. In addition to increasing engagement, adding captions to your posts makes it easier to converse with your followers.

5. Don't overuse or misuse hashtags

Pick a group of hashtags (between 5 and 7) that best describe your Instagram post idea.

You should always include relevant hashtags in their post descriptions to increase exposure. But beyond about 7–10, it becomes excessive.

Never use a trending hashtag that has nothing to do with your Instagram posts, such as #tagforlikes, #onedirection, or #love.

If you use offensive hashtags just to get your posts to show up in people's searches, you won't attract new followers; instead, you'll turn off the people you could have won over.

Additional suggestions for where to place Instagram hashtags are provided below.

6. Don't ignore your followers' comments

Pay attention to the people who take the time to write thoughtful responses to your posts and ask you questions.

Keep up with comments by checking your notifications regularly.

Thank them or answer their question in a reply (mentioning them by @username will alert them to your action).

Using comments frequently can significantly affect your connection with your audience.

7. Don't steal other Instagram users' content

App Store and Google Play apps let you repost content from other users with proper attribution.

A person cannot claim another person's work as their own simply because they like the image.

Have users include tags or hashtags in their posts if you want to use UGC in your strategy. Never, ever, ever repost without giving credit where credit is due.

8. Don't use images from Google searches

Instagram is for sharing original content, not screenshots of web pages you've randomly stumbled upon.

Use one of your photos as a background for a quote that inspires others to take action.

Use your photos and put your imagination to work; this isn't Facebook. Read my recommendations if you're struggling with what to post on Instagram.

9. Don't overdo the selfies

Everyone enjoys a good selfie, and I get it. But just one impressive selfie will do. No one, not even Kim Kardashian, must take a selfie daily. Plus, you shouldn't be taking dozens of selfies every single day.

If you feel like flaunting your clothes, by all means, do so. If you're looking for a way to brag about your vacation spot, just take pictures of the scenery.

Selfies serve no purpose in promoting a business on Instagram.

10. Don't crowd your posts back-to-back

Don't flood Instagram with multiple identical posts if you have more than one photo to show. Keep the intervals at a steady hourly or half-hourly rate.

That way, you won't overwhelm your followers' feeds, and you'll get more audience attention for each post.

And while we're on the subject of repetition, you needn't upload five images depicting the same thing. Limit yourself to just the best one or two photos.

11. Don't auto-share every Instagram post to Facebook and Twitter

I think it's great if you share an article every once in a while on social media, like Facebook and Twitter, but you shouldn't do that.

People are less likely to follow your Instagram account if you constantly promote every post elsewhere.

Instead, post a single photo and invite followers to check out your Instagram to see the rest.

12. Don't follow everyone that follows you

If someone else starts following you, that doesn't mean you have to start doing the same.

Of course, you should follow them if their posts interest you or fit your preferences.

It's terrific when favors are returned. Nonetheless, you shouldn't feel compelled to go along with the herd.

You're less likely to use Instagram if you constantly see photos and videos you don't like in your feed.

13. Don't follow someone only to unfollow them later to grow your fan base

It's rude to follow someone just to unfollow them later if you're only interested in increasing your follower count. The purpose of Instagram is not this.

This content was created by If you see this on another site, it has been stolen.

To start a relationship with someone, you need to follow their interests and engage with them. From there, you'll see your fan base expand naturally.

14. Don't buy Instagram followers

We have to remind you, but you shouldn't buy followers. They're not going to be helpful in any way.

They'll hurt your popularity rankings and never engage with your content. Grow your Instagram following by engaging with real people.

Should you post on Instagram every day?

It's best practice to update your Instagram at least once and no more than three times daily.

Related Questions

1. What's the best time to post on Instagram?

Instagram lets you schedule posts so you won't stress if you can't post on time. No posting rules exist.

Some odd-hour posters get good results. Depending on the content and audience.

2. Do I need to use hashtags on my Instagram posts?

Yes! Instagram hashtags are popular. Hashtags help brands' posts appear in search results and help others discover new content.

Instagram hashtags must be relevant and engaging for other users to click through and see what you offer.

You might also be interested in knowing the Difference Between A Tag And A Hashtag for an effective use. Check out our comparison right here!

3. What posts are not allowed on Instagram?

Instagram allows real names, especially if it's for business. You can use the same username as your Twitter handle or other social media usernames. Using a real, easy-to-find Instagram username is preferable.

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